Neighborhood Networks Computer Center

East Hills Community Services
Anita Porter, Community Services Coordinator
Jennifer Doyle, Part-time Community Services Coordinator
2291 Wilner Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Fax: 412-244-1413


Mission: Building Our Communities and Your Future through Employment and Education.
The computer lab is open Monday through Friday 9am – 2pm to the adult residents. Neighborhood Networks establishes community learning centers that improve computer access, advance literacy; and provide access to employment opportunities for adults, children and seniors living in Housing and Urban Development (HUD) insured and assisted housing. HUD created the Neighborhood network Center in 1995, and was the first federal initiatives to promote self-sufficiency and help provide computer access to low-income housing residents. Our goal is to help out residents become self-sufficient, and have our neighborhood become rated as a top-notch employment ready community.


• Educational Programs
• Job Preparation
• Life Skills
• Computer Classes